Our Family Welcomes You

Patterson fruit farm


Our Spring Market Hours are
9am to 5pm

Farming is our way of life. We are grateful for this lifestyle, which provides food for our community and a way to help families experience the way their food is grown. We invite you to visit our two locations, not only as your source of high quality fresh fruit, produce and gourmet fruit baskets but also to have some fun with your family, friends and neighbors!

year round

farm market & special events

Year round market

Seasonal produce, crisp apples, maple syrup, apple cider, pies & donuts baked fresh daily!

Orchard Hills at Patterson Fruit Farm

A beautiful spot for both indoor and outdoor special events, conferences and weddings!

school tours

Offering preschool, early elementary and special group educational tours of the orchards, farm market & more!

about our family

Six generations of the Patterson family in Chesterland have played their part in connecting people with where their food comes from. It has turned into the present destination for families looking for quality fruit and fun opportunities for their children on the farm. 


apples! mix and match

We will customize most any combination of our apples that are in season and our very own products from our farm to your door.

Ship Apples straight to Your Door!

Custom gift baskets, apples, apple butter and more. This is the perfect personal touch for a friend or family member. Please note that we ship to most states only on  Monday and Tuesday to make sure apples do not sit over weekends.


creative family play and pumpkins galore!

pick your own

Our typical pick your own apple season is Mid August through October. 
 We are finished with the 2023 Pick Your Own Apple Season. Our Apple Harvest is complete for the season. Thank you to everyone who came to pick apples. We can’t wait until next Fall.
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Golden Delicious apples are a delight? A perfect eating apple, great for baking and making apple sauce. Come grab a bag. ...

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Life is Sweet when you are Sugar Maker. @claudiaestrada_83 makes all our maple candies at the farm. She has a real gift for turning maple into even more delicious treats. She has been teaching Parker for the last few years how to follow in her footsteps. These two are quite the team. Parker has been learning the ropes on so collection, turning sap into syrup and now syrup into delicious treats! Claudia and Parker both made entries into the @gcmaplefestival candy competition. ...

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Come for the apples and grab an apple pie too! We are open daily 9am to 5pm. ...

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It’s another sun shinning day. Stop in for apples and shop our Market and Bakery. We are open daily 9am to 5pm.
Apple Varities we have in the Market this week:
🍎🍏🍎Golden Delicious- Everything
🍎🍏🍎Pazazz- Eating and Baking
🍎🍏🍎 Jonagold- Baking and Eating
🍎🍏🍎 Mutsu/Crispin- Baking

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It’s the day everyone has been waiting for. Remember to wear your special glasses when looking at the sun. In our area around the farm the eclipse will begin 1:59pm and run through 4:29pm. Totality will be at 3:16pm. Check out our story for a cool visual of what we will be experiencing.

We will be open 9am to 5pm.

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Apple cider! We are open year round and make our Apple cider year round too. Stop in grab a gallon.
How do you drink your cider, hot or cold?

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Apple Fritters all weekend!
We are open daily 9M to 5pm.

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We thought you may enjoy a little update from the field.

We like to cut branches and bring them inside to force the flower buds open so we can judge the crop. Right now it looks good but we’re about 10 days earlier than average. Our most crucial period is the end of April through the middle of May.
#pattersonfruitfarm #neohio #neohiofamilyfun

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Have you heard that there will be a solar eclipse Monday April 8th?

We will be open 9am to 5pm. We do have limited eclipse glasses up for grabs if you need a pair.

We will have these fun donuts available on Monday starting at 9am. Call the market to place your order at 440-729-1964.

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It has finally arrived! We have your burgers and now we have your @cleketchup mayo! Stop in and grab some burgers and a bottle of mayo. We are dreaming of Summer and sunshine.
We are open daily 9am to 5pm.

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Enjoy this very special day with friends and family. Happy Easter! He is Risen.

*Patterson Fruit Farm is Closed Easter Sunday.

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Easter donuts are ready! We are open till 5pm and CLOSED ON EASTER SUNDAY. ...

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Remember we are CLOSED Easter Sunday. We will have normal hours on Friday and Saturday, 9am to 5pm.

You can still place orders for Saturday online (link in profile) or by calling our Market at 440-729-1964.

If you want to order a pie for today, GOOD FRIDAY it’s not too late, stop in or call our Market.

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Don’t forget the apples!! We have five apple varieties to pick from.

🍎🍏🍎Golden Delicious- Everything
🍎🍏🍎Pazazz- Eating and Baking
🍎🍏🍎 Jonagold- Baking and Eating
🍎🍏🍎 Mutsu/Crispin- Baking

Reminder- We are CLOSED Easter Sunday.
We are open 9am to 5pm Good Friday and Saturday.

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@fritzandfernco Candles make perfect Easter Basket gifts! Check out our candle care guides straight from the maker herself. Stef shares all her favorites on how to care for her candles. ...

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Today marks the first day of Spring! While it does not look or feel like Spring we know warmer days are coming. Stop in and grab some of these beauties. We are open 9am to 5pm. ...

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Easter is coming…don’t forget to place your pie and bakery orders. You can contact our Market at 440-729-1964 or order online by visiting our profile or website. Remember we are CLOSED on Easter Sunday.


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We are excited to announce our NEW Maple Donut through the end of March. Celebrating the 2024 maple season we have added maple syrup to our donut batter. Maple cake donut with maple frosting is a real treat! It is delicious, you must try it. ...

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Corned Beef weekend. We have two marinating corned beef briskets left. Call or stop in to grab them. Don’t forget Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day. We are open 9am to 5pm daily. ...

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