Visits for Preschool Groups

Family Fun Fest Area: At 8765 Mulberry Road this area provides safe, creative physical activity on our farm directly beside one of our orchards. This area is open from mid-September through October.

Cost: $7/ person including parents includes an apple and cider when scheduled with group

Length of Visit: There is no structured schedule and you can stay as long as you like. You can bring a snack or lunch.

Maximum Number: We expect that you will have adult supervision at a ratio of at most 3 students per adult.

Scheduling Requirements: While several schools may be in attendance at the same time as your group, we limit the total number at any given time. In order to get the day you prefer, it is good to call in August or early September. It is best to schedule via email: We send a confirmation that acknowledges cost, times and date along with specific directions for the drivers once you have confirmed your arrangements with us. You may also call Kelly at 440-223-4159.

Connecting Your Visit With an Orchard Walk: Specifically designed to the level of your group’s age, this is a great introduction to where apples are grown, the seasons of the year, how an apple gets its food and how apples taste (an apple and a drink of cider are included). The orchard is a very short walk from the Fest area.

Added cost: 
Added length of stay: one half hour

Recommended age: While the Fest is geared toward 2 – 5 year old preschoolers and elementary children, the orchard walk is best suited for 4’s and 5’s.