Educational Visits for Kindergarten, First and Second Graders

Farm Market and Orchard Visits: At our 11414 Caves Road location these tours are specifically and carefully scheduled on week-days in September and October. This indoor/outdoor walking trip includes an apple to eat and a drink of cider. They visit an orchard and the farm market where they watch apples being washed, sorted and sold.

Cost: $5.00 per person (children and adults with no charge for teachers and teacher aides)

Length of Visit: 45 minutes

Maximum Number: 30 people per tour guide; 2 guides available at the same time.

Scheduling Requirements: While arrangements can be made at any time, we get the most calls during August and early September for scheduling. It is best to schedule via email: We send a confirmation that acknowledges cost, times and date along with specific directions for the drivers once you have confirmed your arrangements with us. You may also call Mindy at 440-223-4159.

Weather Information: Usually tour groups are expected regardless of weather and we do our best to make this as fun as possible. It is mandatory to call Mindy at 440-223-4159 as early in the day of a tour as possible if there are concerns about weather. Do NOT cancel your tour before you have talked with us.

Connecting Your Tour With a Visit To Our Family Fun Fest At 8765 Mulberry Rd: Often groups attend the fest for physical activity “on the farm”, for lunch, a short wagon ride and further appreciation of “a farm”. These locations are 1 ½ miles apart and you use your transportation to change locations.

Added Cost: $4.00 per person
Added Length of Stay: As long as you like but at least 1½ hours