Box of 48 Patterson Apples

From: $85.50

This box of apples includes 48 of our best apples. Use the quantity fields below to choose UP TO 6 different varieties of apples, or you may choose 6 of the same variety if you would like 48 of the same apple. The varieties of our apples that are available varies with what apples are in season. If your favorite apple isn’t listed, check back soon.

  • Gala-Eating and Sauce
  • Crimson Crisp-Eating
  • Fuji-Eating
  • Golden Delicious-Everything
  • Melrose-Easting, Sauce and Baking
  • Snap Dragon-Eating
  • Pazazz-Eating and Baking
  • Evercrisp-Eating
  • Crispin/ Mutsu-Eating and Baking
  Product Quantity
8 Fuji Apples


8 Golden Delicious Apples


8 Pazazz Apples


8 Evercrisp Apples


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Weight 432 oz

Seasonal Apples, Honeycrisp & Evercrisp (+$36)